About Fr.Davis Chiramel

Helping someone in need is human. Bust dedicating a whole life to serve the society calls for something special in your soul and Fr. Davis Chiramel is one among those divine souls who has taken social service as their ultimate aim of Life.

Father Davis Chiramel, one among the billions on planet earth who has made himself unique from the rest of his fellow beings by being an Angel of Mercy, by donating one of his kidneys to a complete stranger. His donation was not for fame but it was just because of the kindness and care for his co-beings on this planet which makes his heart unique and special.


But donating kidney wasn’t the only service he has done to the society. Instead he took it as a start, to start doing something for the well-being of the society. In a world that has so many problems to solve, Fr. Davis Chiramel has opted to serve the poor kidney patients of Kerala, a state in India.

The changing life styles and living conditions have taken the poor people to lower levels of living and they find it harder to get past every next day. Diseases have always teased them and in the current scenario, kidney diseases and kidney failures have been so common that anyone can be affected by them anytime. For people who are financially sound, treatments for such diseases may not be problem. Regular check-up’s, Dialysis’s, or even kidney transplantation may not affect them to a large extend. But this is not the case for poor people. Fr. Davis Chiramel realized this sad reality and that gave him the light to start serving those poor people.

Fr. Davis Chiramel established Kidney Federation of India in the year 2009 to serve people suffering from kidney diseases who cannot afford costly treatments. The prime focus of this organization is to help such people by assisting them financially in treatments, dialyses and kidney transplantation. Fr. Davis Chiramel set a  role model to the society to the society and many people who took inspirations from him, willingly came up to donate their Kidneys. So far 42 people have donated their kidneys through Kidney Federation of India and all because of one man: Fr. Davis Chiramel. Kidney Federation is engaged in providing free dialysis to needy people, kidney transplantation, treatment assistance etc.

Apart from Kidney Federation of India, Fr. Davis Chiramel has also been a greater human being by serving the society in all possible ways. One of his initiatives, Accident Care and Transport Service is a 100 % nonprofit organization to serve the victims of road accidents. This organization has wide network of 18 ambulances, ready to serve the road accident victims around the clock and through the year!

Now, Fr. Davis Chiramel is on a mission to raise the health standards of the society in a very unique manner: through Health Education, through International Health Olympiad. ” A society with good health knowledge will have the best health standards”: This simple thought is the root of IHO and Fr. Davis Chiramel is trying to take this vision to reality.